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Vagabond 002: Fairy Tale Edition

Vagabond 001

Fairy Tales are in our DNA. We think we know them. Read along to explore the familiar, the unique, and the undiscovered - reimagination of the Fairy Tale.

The Changelings By Melanie Tem

How Baba Yaga’s Hut Got Its Legs By Rebecca Hodgkins

Faithless By Denise E Dora

The Society of Secret Cats By De Kenyon

Hansel and Gretel in the Enchanted Forest By Jim LeMay

Magic and Machinery By Jamie Ferguson

Prenuptials By Lucy Taylor

Little Poucet By Steve Rasnic Tem

Eight talented authors explore what these words mean to them in stories ranging from the silly to the sublime.
Join us for the first exciting issue in a new quarterly speculative fiction magazine.

Vagabond 002: Apocalypse Issue

Vagabond 002

The second issue of this vanguard edition delves into the apocalypse. With a dozen stories from some of today's best speculative writers, they will thrill and entertain you.

“Deathball: Hunt For The Playoffs” by Charles Eugene Anderson.
“And Then What?” by Denise E Dora.
“More Precious Than Gold” by Wayne Faust.
“The Working Class” by Rebecca Hodgkins.
“King of Cats” by De Kenyon.
“Last Song on the Titanic” by Mario Acevedo.
“Flex Time” by Richard E Friesen.
“Shelter From The Storm” by Shannon Lawrence.
“Scavengers” by Russ Crossley.
“A Fairy Rainbow” by Jim LeMay.
“After” by Jamie Ferguson.
“Spindle Worms” by Lucy Taylor.

Vagabond 003: Dinosaur Issue

Vagabond 003

Our Dinosaur Issue will be arriving soon!