Chuck Anderson

Chuck Anderson


Charles Eugene 'Chuck' Anderson is a painter, publisher, and writer. Chuck lives in Colorado. Contact him at cksanderson at gmail dot com.

Jim LeMay

Senior Editor, Edward Bryant's Sphere of Influence, A Fistful of Dinosaurs & Shadows Dreams Nightmares


Jim LeMay is originally from Missouri, the land of Mark Twain, Yogi Berra, Walter Cronkite, Edwin Hubble, Robert A. Heinlein and many other worthies so he knows his characters well. He has engaged in many of their vocations and avocations – homebrewer, bartender, waiter, land surveyor, civil engineer, land developer – and in some they have not: author, copywriter, commercial artist and others best forgotten. Jim has lived in many places but now calls the Denver metropolitan area home. jimlemaybooks at gmail dot com

Wayne Faust

Wayne Faust

Europa Nightmare, Europa Ghost Story, Edward Bryant's Sphere of Influence, A Fistful of Dinosaurs & Shadows Dreams Nightmares


Wayne Faust has been a full-time music and comedy performer for over 40 years, playing in 40 states and overseas in England, Scotland, and Holland. His funny songs have been heard on the radio all over the world and on the Internet. While on the road, he writes science-fiction and has over 40 stories published in various places, including Norway, Australia, and South Africa. He's published two full length books, "Thirty Years Without A Real Job," a fast-moving and entertaining memoir of his life in show business, and "12 Parables," a collection of short stories.

You can find more than you'll ever need to know about Wayne on his website at waynefaust dot com.

Richard E. Friesen

Shadows Dreams Nightmares & Edward Bryant's Sphere of Influence

Richard just loves telling stories, and has found novels to be an ideal length-anything under 75,000 words is too short for him. His first fantasy series, The Dreaming King Saga is complete. All 5 books are available now: The Tower of Dreams, Oathbound Sisters, An Uncivil War, and On Black Mesa, and The Gates of Heaven. He also has several short stories available online (and one free one on his website). He is now working on a superhero story where they hero’s power is to fall asleep, and take you into his dreams. After that, there is the first book in the Wetware Wizards series. richardfriesen dot net

Kent W Johnson

Edward Bryant's Sphere of Influence, A Fistful of Dinosaurs & Desperado Canyon Audio Book

Kent W. Johnson is an American novelist and non-fiction author. Born in Denver, Colorado, his main focus is Western fiction set in the Rocky Mountain West. Kent lives and works in Lakewood, Colorado, and is hard at work on the next John Cody western adventure story.