Jim LeMay


Jim's Biography

Jim ‘Thunder Lizard’ LeMay is originally from Missouri, the land of Mark Twain, Yogi Berra, Walter Cronkite, Edwin Hubble, Robert A. Heinlein and many other worthies but he has lived in many other places.  Jim now calls the Denver metropolitan area home. You can contact him at jwl-inc@comcast.net or check out his blog at lemaysshadowworld.com.


Making The Most Of It

The novel Making The Most of It follows the travels of Conrad Colby and the friends he makes along the way to Tin Cup, Colorado. You can read the first two chapters below. They find a devastated, dangerous world containing bandit bikers, a religious wacko, small-time dictators, violence between rival gangs, another gang out for their blood, deteriorating infrastructure, sand storms, rattlesnakes, hunger, thirst and other dangers they never dreamed of. How do they cope? With courage, ingenuity, luck, gonzo schemes, humor, and by just…Making The Most Of It.

Tin Cup by Jim LeMay

Tin Cup

In 2072 a pandemic sweeps across the world, killing almost everyone. Known as Chou’s Disease after the Chinese physician-scientist who first isolated it, it is caused by antibiotic resistant bacteria. Con suffers the loss of his true love Gloria and everyone else he knows. This short story follows the beginning of his odyssey through the deadly new world in search of a new meaning of life.

A Fairy Rainbow Jim LeMay

A Fairy Rainbow

Wandering alone in a dry, forsaken land, Con Colby runs desperately low on water. He finds it in a community of religious zealots led by the enigmatic Spero Peace. The group’s worship includes an orgiastic celebration while under the influence of a consciousness-altering drug. They insist that Con join them. Afterwards Con escapes with two stolen items. One is a secret medicinal drug that can relieve the suffering of the world’s few survivors. The other is a lover named Iris who Spero had held against her will. In this short story, the two flee from pursuit and retribution by the religious leader across the wasted land.

A Princess of Bars by Jim LeMay

A Princess of Bars

What if Captain John Carter, for the sake of self-aggrandizement, lied to Mr. Edgar Rice Burroughs about his trips to Barsoom? What if Dejah, instead of descending from a lineage of “ten thousand jeddaks” (emperors) as Carter claimed, had begun life as an orphaned street urchin? And what if she preferred a giant, four-armed green man to him? Maybe the Martians looked upon Jack Carter with less favor than he claimed, some indeed with open contempt. Read Dejah’s assessment of Captain Carter in this action-packed short story, “A Princess of Bars.”

Have Jetpack – Will Travel by Jim LeMay and Charles Eugene Anderson

Have Jetpack – Will Travel

In “Have Jetpack – Will Travel,” jet along with Daring Dorian Pace. He pursues Nazi spies in a thrilling chase across pre-World War II San Francisco. His friend and mentor, Roland “Shotgun” Knight, has tasked him with rescuing a prisoner from Alcatraz, a German citizen mistakenly incarcerated. But all is not as it seems. The prisoner, Noah Weinreich, and his beautiful sister Constanze are actually Nazi spies. Dorian chases Weinreich through the streets of San Francisco and into the skies. There he finds Constanze, adroitly maneuvering her own jetpack, waiting to kill him.