From “Jurassic Park to “Godzilla,” from “The Land That Time Forgot” to “Journey to the Center of the Earth,” dinosaurs have a rich history of exploring the idea of the creatures of the past, and those living in our society. The stories in A Fistful of Dinosaurs will continue that tradition. We love dinosaurs because they are big, we love them when they are terrifying, we love them because they are dangerous, because they destroy houses and towns, because of the reality that they were actually here, and we love them when they are cute. We love the T-Rex, we love the Triceratops. We just love dinosaurs.   Working Title: A Fistful of Dinosaurs Genres: Speculative Fiction Payment: 4% of the royalties. A PayPal and BundleRabbit account are required. Monthly distribution of the royalties will be handled through a BundleRabbit collaborative contract.  Word limit: Under 5000 words is preferred, but longer stories may be considered by the editors. Rights: From Section 6 of the BundleRabbit contract: 6) Ownership of Your Book - You, the Collaborators are the owners of the copyrights to your books and owners of all other rights to your books not granted to Us hereunder. You are free to exercise any of such rights so long as they do not violate the Terms of this Agreement or the Terms of Service of any Online Bookstore to which we are distributing your books or otherwise violate the terms of this Agreement. Reading Period: Until February 28, 2018 Response Time: Most rejections will be sent out quickly, but stories that Jim and I like may be held until April before a final decision is made. Publication date: April, 2018 Publisher: Mad Cow Press Submission Instructions: Email your story in .docx Microsoft Word format (preferred) format to Jim LeMay at and Chuck Anderson Include the title of the story and your byline in the subject line of the email. Also include in the email’s body your short bio.  THE EDITORS Chuck Anderson: Jim LeMay: