March 20th Free Book

In the darkness of Jupiter, terror is unleashed because humans have trespassed on Europa. Wayne Faust and Charles Eugene Anderson’s Jupiter Saga is rich, a multi-layered space-opera horror story that will scare you. Europa Ghost Story is a small and terrifying tale taking place during man’s first ventures to Europa. A space-spectre stalks our solarContinue reading “March 20th Free Book”

Jim LeMay’s February 22nd Newletter

2/22/2020 News, Views and Free Reads by Jim LeMay Thanks for spending this time with me. News, There’s lots of news this month. My friend and the publisher of Mad Cow Press, Chuck Anderson, and I write about “Daring” Dorian Pace in the “Have Jetpack – Will Travel”  series. The estimable editors of Amazing Monster Tales, DeAnna KnipplingContinue reading “Jim LeMay’s February 22nd Newletter”