Chuck Anderson

Charles Eugene Anderson

Charles Eugene 'Chuck' Anderson is an art student, publisher, and a writer. He lives in Colorado, and he has a weakness for muscle cars. Contact him at

Quick Flash Fiction by Charles Eugene Anderson

Quick Flash Fiction

Struggling to write flash fiction? Learn how a writing Flash Fiction can make your writing career soar!
Do you hate coming up with ideas? Do you wish there was an easier way to get published? Author Charles Eugene Anderson knows how to make your flash fiction a success. Let him show you exactly how to craft you need to write your own.

In this book, you’ll discover:
-How to simplify your plot to create flash fiction
-The types of flash fiction that your readers will find interesting
-How to narrow down your fiction to make it even better
-Give your readers stories they'll remember
-Where to get paid for your fiction
-How to find initial success with your writing

If your flash fiction needs a boost and a touch of humor, then you’ll love Charles Eugene Anderson’s look behind the scenes at how he creates flash fiction that sells.

Europa Nightmare by Charles Eugene Anderson and Wayne Faust

Europa Nightmare

In the farthest reach of mankind’s space colonization, near Jupiter's moons, the crew of the frigate Simpson is in a fight for their lives. A veteran captain must find a way to survive against the horror of a long-lost freighter infested with an alien vanguard force, invading Earth’s solar system.

Europa Nightmare is the first book in Wayne Faust and Charles Eugene Anderson’s Dark Curtain Series, a brand new, military sci-fi horror space opera. If you liked Alien, The Thing, and the Expanses, then you’ll love this face-paced, captivating, richly populated - dark science fiction.